Tuesday 18th May 2021

 Session 1, Chaired by Oliver Schubert

9:00 [UTC] Welcome address

9:15  Proteomic characterization of neuromelanin granules and substantia nigra in health and disease, Maximilian Wulf, Germany.

9:30 Identification and characterization of unknown subgroups of Parkinson patients, Daniel Kleefisch, Germany.

9:45  Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of Kininogen-1 Indicate Early Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease, Ioanna Markaki, Sweden

10:00  Synaptic proteome alterations in a rat model of progressive parkinsonism, Arantzazu Belloso-Iguerategui, Spain

10:15  MRM measurement of glucocerebrosidase activity and protein levels in CSF as biomarkers for Parkinson's disease, Patrick Oeckl, Germany

10:30 Break

 Session 2, Chaired by Katrin Marcus

10:45 [UTC] Identification of candidate biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease's by proteomics, Miren Alonso, Spain.

11:00  Smelling the dark proteome: Functional Characterization of PITH domain-containing protein 1 (C1orf128) in olfactory metabolism, Mercedes Lachen, Spain.

11:15 Identification of dysregulated proteins in Alzheimer's Disease that could be key for the understanding of the disease by quantitative proteomics, Ana Montero Calle, Spain.

11:30 Validation by biosensing approaches of new diagnostic biomarkers of Alzheimer Disease's identified by Phage Display and Protein Microarrays, Rodrigo Barderas, Spain.

11:45  Characterization of the olfactory tract proteostatic imbalance in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases: cross-disease similarities and differences, Paz Cartas-Cejudo, Spain.

12:00 Lunch

 Session 3, Chaired by Robert McCullumsmith

13:00 [UTC]


13:15 Guest Talk: Atlas Antibodies

13:30 Guest talk: PreOmics

13:45 Proteomic Exploration of Microglia Behavior in the Presence of Brain Cancer, Iulia Lazar, USA.

14:00  Deciphering biomarkers by Comprehensive multipronged proteomics characterization of Cerebrospinal fluid from lep-tomeningeal metastasis in B-cell lymphoma, Manuel Fuentes, Spain.  

14:15  Quantitative profiling of axonal guidance proteins during the differentiation of human neurospheres, Magno Junqueira, Brazil.

14:30  SARS-CoV-2 infects brain astrocytes of COVID-19 patients and impairs neuronal viability, Victor Corasolla Carregari, Brazil.

14:45 Break

 Session 4, Chaired by Peter Nilson

15:00 [UTC]  Mitochondrial, cell cycle control and neuritogenesis alterations in an iPSC-based neurodevelopmental model for schizophrenia, Giuliana Zuccoli, Brazil.


15:15 Complement and coagulation proteins in first episode psychosis: A proteomic insights from the OPTiMiSE cohort, Subash Susai, Ireland.


15:30  Parallel Microscopy, Proteomic, and Phosphoproteomic Analyses of Human Brain Tissue Identify Candidate Phosphorylation Events for Synaptic Pathology in Schizophrenia, Matthew MacDonald, USA.


15:45 The Effect of Clozapine on Adipose Tissue Cells, Aline Gazzola Fragnani Valença, Brazil. 

16:00 Active kinome profiling in human brain substrates, Robert McCullumsmith, USA.


16:15 Closing remarks

Wednesday 19th May 2021

 Session 5, Chaired by Melanie Föcking

9:00 [UTC} Welcome

9:15  Acute stress alters cerebellum metabolome, Aikaterini Iliou, Greece.

9:30  Altered IL-17 Pathway Changes in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Bioinformatic Analysis of Blood Based Biomarkers, Daragh O'Boyle, Ireland.


9:45  Autoantibodies in traumatic spinal cord injury and their impact on neuronal regeneration, Annika Guntermann, Germany.

10:00  Autoantibody profiles associated with clinical features in psychotic disorders (Part 1) - Technical aspects of exploring the autoimmune landscape, August Jernbom Falk, Sweden.


10:15  Autoantibody profiles associated with clinical features in psychotic disorders (Part 2) - Summary of findings, Oliver Schubert, Australia.

10:30 Break

 Session 6, Chaired by Charlotte Teunissen

10:45 [UTC]  New bioinformatic approaches to get more out of your data, Julian Uszkoreit, Germany.

11:00  BIONDA: A free database for a fast information on published biomarkers, Michael Turewicz, Germany.

11:15  Morphine-induced Nfr-2 pathway modulation in primary human brain microvascular endothelial cells, Sandrine Reymond, Switzerland.

11:30  Proteomic profiling of human brain reveals the Inter-hemispheric laterality & Inter-regional expression, Deeptarup Biswas, India.

11:45 The brain sections of the human protein atlas, Jan Mulder, Sweden.

12:00 Lunch

 Session 7, Chaired by Daniel Martins-de-Souza

13:00 [UTC] Welcome back

13:15 TearProt - Characterization of tear fluid in patients with diabetes mellitus, Caroline May, Germany.

13:30 Systems-based examination of MAPK signaling in human stem cell derived retinal ganglion cells during cell death, Joseph Mertz, USA.


13:45 Exploring similar and different features of sporadic and familial ALS proteome, Viviana Greco, Italy.

14:00 Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics reveal altered protein levels in frontotemporal dementia, Sofia Bergström, Sweden.

14:15 Amyloid co-pathology in dementia with Lewy bodies is associated with a distinct cerebrospinal fluid proteomics profile Lisa Vermunt, Netherlands.

14:30 Closing remarks